Saturday, October 17, 2009

Candles and Romance

   Just added to my Etsy shop....Embellished candles!
This one is "Paris" themed, with french text and french images. Pretty romantic, don'tcha think?

And keeping with the French theme, this has a lovely vintage image of a woman with the word "Bonne Fete" stamped in the upper left corner. "Bonne Fete" means "Happy Birthday" in French..

I was in a 'fowl mood' when I created this one...sorry, I couldn't resist! ;-)
I used original sheet music called "Birdland" and then embellished with french text, bird images and rubber stamped birds and nests.

My sweet husband is whisking me away to a romantic destination for a few days..
here's a hint...

Can you guess where?!? ;-)
See ya in a few days!


  1. Hi sweet Myrn, they are absolutely beautiful!!!! What a great idea hon...I hope you both have a great time on your get-away ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. You lucky lady! My idea of romance is taking me to Your candles are lovely and I adore that card you made for your friend...

  3. Your creations are always so inspiring as is the mention of a romantic getaway. Enjoy your weekend away.

  4. Those are just beautiful! I'm just starting to learn mixed media, so I really love seeing inspirational pieces such as yours. keep your fingers crossed that I'll one day be as good as YOU!