Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Friends...

 I have been cleaning out  in the house, then had a garage sale, then got ready for our BFF's visit from Texas.

It had been 6 mos since visiting with Dave and Laura, so how do you cram that much catch-up time into 3 1/2 days? We managed by doing a little wine tasting and sight seeing. Our kids and their friends came over for dinner and talks around the fire pit...(everyone who meets Dave and Laura loves them!)

While the guys got the Atlas out and planned out their future motorcycle trip together...Laura and I took off and hit the Thrift Stores..

(Whew!) I need to train ahead of time for that kind of shopping!!

      We had SUCH a good time with them! It is always a fun-filled  time with them..They left this morning (sniff) but plans are already in the works for a return visit from them in July~(Yay!)

Today I'm pooped. Gonna take it easy today.


  1. Oh Myrna, nothing like "Old Friends", that is so true. Love your post and your photograph are just great! I do believe you and your old friends had the time of your life! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Glad you had a good time. Old friends are the best! Girl, your hair has gotten long!!

  3. A note from the older women, take it easy and if you can take a good nap. Hugs, sandi