Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tablescape Thursday~Courtney's Book Club

Courtney started a Book Club this past Monday, and to kick it off, she hosted a dinner party for her girlfriends who joined the 'club'! They are reading "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. When she told me she wanted to serve dinner the first night I said "Could I puleeeze to do the tablescape!!?" It didn't take much too much persuading to get her to agree. ;-)
So, of course, I ran about the house gathering old books for the center piece..
 made personalized bookmarks for everyone, which served as 'place cards'..she also made journals for each friend..
The napkins were brand new from Goodwill...and serving as a placemat is MacKenzie Childs' paper napkins. I wanted to keep the setting  fresh, colorful and fun.
Another view...oh yeah! I just got those blue water (or wine) goblets at the Dollar Tree!!
The blue 'crystals' hanging from the candleabra are Christmas ornaments I purchased at 80% off  a couple of years ago..
...Thought this was a fun title, given the theme of the Book Club! :-)
There's a local antique store that sells these beautiful books for $2 each!! I just love the illustration!
So here are the journals Courtney made for her friends..
...and the back.I think her journals are lovely... I'm trying to encourage her to open an Etsy shop...Whatdiya think? Do you think she should give it a go?
Then my sweet daughter suprised me with this one she made especially for me!! What a sweetie!
Be sure to check out Susan's fabulous tablescape and MANY more who have participated over at


  1. I love your tablescape. The books around the center is a great idea! It all came together beautifully!

  2. This is too cute! I may have to borrow this idea for my book club on Monday night!

  3. Great tablescape. Love how it is so pretty yet simple. I wish I belonged to a book club so I could take some of your ideas to use.


  4. I love your tablescape. your dishes are gorgeous!!! It all looked so elegant!

  5. What a fabulous setting, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Myrna,
    The table is gorgeous and I love the beautiful books displayed on it! What a great idea!! Oh, I also love those dishes!! So pretty!!!Thanks for stopping by the other day!!

  7. LOVE the book idea (both tablescape AND club!!). I have used books on my tables for a long time. Glad to see someone else that appreciates them!

  8. Great table. I love how you used the book club theme. You'll have to have Courtney pick titles that lend themselves to other tablescapes! Thanks for sharing. The journals are inspiring as well.

  9. What a fun night for all with your pretty table.

  10. Oh what a gorgeous setting! And, I devour books like a maniac! Book club, dinner. candles and Crystals? My kind of heaven! Thanks for sharing!!!


  11. Myrna, this setting is gorgeous. Who but you would have thought to do that with those lovely old books. You instilled just the right amount of glamour and a lot of fun. Courtney's journals and bookmarks are very adorable. Hope she opens that shop! Sherry

  12. This is just a lovely table setting. What a great idea with the old books on the table. They are so pretty. Great idea. I am having a French themed tabletop give a way at Chicory Nits if you are interested.
    Have a great day!

  13. What a wonderful themed tablescape! I wish I was included in the dinner, how fun! Joan

  14. What a fun idea and beautiful table! The journals are very special and I'm sure everyone loved them! Thanks for sharing.