Monday, March 5, 2012

Centerpiece Tutorial

As promised (about a month ago! :-p ) I thought I'd give a little tutorial on how I made the centerpieces for Steve's retirement party. It'd also be great to use for baby or wedding showers or birthday parties.
The supplies you'd need are cheap picture frames (5 x 7). I got mine at the Dollar a pewter grey color. Vellum paper--cheapest at an office supply store. And Duct Tape.
You'll need 4 frames per centerpiece. 
Scan and print out 4 different photos in 5 x 7 size onto the vellum paper, then cut out each picture.

Remove backing and glass from frame carefully so the little metal doo-dads stay in place.
Then tape two frames together from the inside.

Place picture inside the frame..

And then the glass behind it to hold it in place, using the little doo-dads to keep it secure (what are they called, anyway?)..

 It will be the opposite of how you normally insert a picture

Then stand the picture frames so as to make a square.

I put a battery operated candle inside to illuminate the picture , but if you are careful.. since the glass is on the inside of the frame, I think it would be safe to use a votive candle in a glass holder instead.
I also think it would be neat to maybe use two pictures and then two quotes relating to the theme of the occasion!
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  1. This is such a do-able project and would be great for a single centerpiece for a party but I think weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries- any time where multiple centerpieces are needed and it is necessary to keep the costs down. The fun thing about this idea is how it could be a conversation starter. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful's Motivated Monday

  2. what a neat idea. thanks for sharing this.

  3. what a neat idea. thanks for sharing this.