Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Green Pea

When I was visiting with my dad and Leilani, she mentioned that the town of Escalon was nearby. I remembered being in touch with a blogger that had a store there, and asked if we could go visit. Leilani and my dad are always up for a drive (and an adventure) so off we went.
This is The Green Pea, THE most darling store full of vintagey goodness!!
And this is Sandi, the very talented owner of The Green Pea. She was so sweet and kind and gracious..a pleasure to meet and visit with! I also had the pleasure of meeting her wonderful husband, Jim, the muscle behind the creation of The Green Pea..... Here are some more pics of her shop:
She decorated EVERYTHING..see the balcony on top? There are darling vignettes all along the balcony:
Even the 'necessary room' was cute!! ;-)
Whilst I was tootling around the gorgeous shop, her friend, and fellow blogger, Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams popped in. What a treat to meet her, too! Becky is just darling and has such a sweet spirit about her..I felt so blessed to meet two kindred spirits!
More pics of Sandi's store:
Like I said, she didn't miss any opportunity to decorated even the high ledges..I had to hold my camera over my head to shoot this darling display..

..and this one, too, that was on top of an armoire.

What a joy and a treat for me to meet these two lovely ladies.
Be sure to look up The Green Pea in Escalon if you're traveling through Central is really worth the trip!


  1. hi myrna!!

    it was a JOY to meet you, your father and Leilani! you are just beautiful and sooo much fun! it would be lovely to share tea with you! we will have to do that and maybe squeeze in a little shoppin' up in your neck of the woods.

    you really captured the shop perfectly in your photos!


  2. Oh what a great shop. I love everything. I spotted some bunny pictues up on the balcony that I have been hunting for. I would love one. There are other great things that I would love too. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Myrna,
    I just found your blog and what a delightful blog it is! It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you going to come to the First Northern Blog Festival on Oct.9th? it will be at the Green Pea.
    You sure did have a wonderful time, Becky is a real doll. What great fun to have run into her at the shop. I live in Modesto not to far from you.
    I have enjoyed my visit with you and will visit again soon.
    Have a sweet day~hugs Elizabeth

  4. Hi Myrna, it was great fun to meet you and your father and Leilani. I would love to have tea with you sometime. Maybe Becky and I can make your way soon. Thank you for the nice mention. Blessings, sandi