Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini-Album from Envelopes

We've been having some major storms blowing through California! Our power even went out for a couple of hours. We frittered away the hours playing games by the fire~kinda fun!!

I wanted to show you what I made with a bunch of recycled envelopes. You can click on the picture for a closer view.

I gave a tutorial in the previous post. After I decorated several envelopes I made tags to fit in the pockets.

I punched a couple of holes in the side and added rings to bind them together.

I attached the envelopes two differnt ways~right side up and sideways.

I made mine a inspirational 'book' of sorts..but it would make a darling photo album..just put pics on the tags and each page...

See the little 'Treble Clef' paper clip in the upper right had corner? You can get those at the major office supply stores for a fraction of what a scrapbook store would cost!

And here's the back of the book.

It's a fun little project..perfect for using up scraps of paper and bits and bobs of embellishments!

My  inspiration was the quote:
Live Simply
Love Generously
Care Deeply
Speak Kindly
Leave the Rest to God

I stamped the words on label stickers that I'd 'antiqued' using spray paint in Wood Tone.
Then just cut out each verse and attached it to each page..

Hope you try it!!
Many thanks to my sweet friend, Judy, who taught me how to make these darling books!


  1. Oh, I love this. I am just getting ready to post something I just made...not anything like yours, but you might take a peek at it!!

  2. This is just darling! I should get off the computer now and start gathering materials! Great inspiration for me to get back to work. Sherry

  3. Myrna, your book is so beautiful!! I love that you used old envelopes too ~ the pages are gorgeous! hugs and love, Dawn

  4. You are very talented. I LOVE these, they are adorable. I'm going to try making one for me. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  5. Oh my gosh-this is the inspiration that I needed! This is gorgeous and I can't wait to try it out!



  6. Myrna-I never reaized there was a whole wide world of paper crafting out there. This is just so delicate and detailed. I could never do it, but I loved seeing yours! I enjoyed my first visit!

  7. This is so cute! are getting better and better at your art! Love it. Toni

  8. I am going to have to come back and make these envelopes. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  9. The envies are beautiful, I love your style. I have played with envelopes a bit, in a round robin altered envie group, but found it "not my thing". I would rather do it all myself.
    I am glad you weathered the storms in CA, I watch the weather channel more than I would like to admitt. It seeems like CA has had its share of bad weather of late.
    Maby it will mellow out for a while.
    Have a creative happy day!