Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laura's Home

Next, I stayed at Dave and Laura's house for three days. This is her front entry...she's always changing it out and I always love what she comes up with!
A close up...most of her treasures are thrift store finds!

The living room....

And dining room.

Another view of her dining room...I love how she arranged her china cabinet.

Dave, (like Steve) is a wine collector...Laura did a wonderful arrangement on top of his wine 'fridge.

A peek inside her china cabinet--more thrift store finds in there, along with treasured heirlooms from her mom....

The upstairs guest bathroom..
And the guest room that I stayed in. Home away from home!!!


  1. That is a really lovely home. I like the Hawaii room especially. And the high ceilings.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Lucky you-to be a guest in such neat homes. Thanks for sharing. laurie

  3. Lovely, toots!! I really like that color of blue.

  4. What a beautiful home! It is interesting to see how many people put their dining table at an angle.