Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interview and Inspiration

I am still stunned and reeling from the realization that I've actually 'won' an art contest....and now the lovely Sherry Smyth has posted an interview about me over at Mind Wide Open.

She asked me some questions that led me into talking about myself and my view of art. It was an uncomfortable experience for me in that being called an 'artist' is a new identity for me and felt pretentious. I constantly feel like, when it comes to art, I have no idea what I'm doing!!

When I became a wife and mother I threw myself into those roles. I read books about successful marriages, parenting and child development. I studied and interviewed people who's marriages and parenting skills I admired. I prayed A LOT! And as I became more adept at being a wife and mom, I became more sure of myself and was passionate about it. I would incorporate other's ideas, but would alter and embellish them to fit with our family--taking in my personalty and temperament along with my family's--and make it my own.

After emailing Sherry my response to her questions, she wrote back with THE most encouraging and thoughtful note that I printed it out to post in my studio to refer to again and again. God used her to speak my heart language--the exact words I need to hear to "push me over the edge" so to speak and become passionate about my art. I had been so intimidated by others art. Instead, I realized that I can be INSPIRED by other people's art-- something similar, but (taking in my personality and temperament), embellish it and alter it and MAKE IT MY OWN!!

I get it!! I've always felt being a wife and a mom was a creative process, tho very obscure--I would strive to bring romance and fun and surprises into it.

So why oh why have I had all this angst about being an artist? Maybe because I didn't think it looked obvious--like Christie Repasy, Thomas Kincaid, etc. Basically an artist is just a creative person. So I'm off the hook, because everyone, then, is an artist. Our Creator instilled that ability in all of us. It just manifests differently in all of us.

Well, I've really put myself out there. Got really vulnerable with you. But it's been cleansing for me to be honest with you. And I hope it will encourage someone.

And, if you've read through all this and still want to read my interview--God Bless You--you can go here.


  1. Myrna, I'm sitting here smiling right through reading what you've written. It's all a little bit like The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy realizes what she has, and all she had to do to "get" where she needed to go. You've realized that who we are, what we are, what we do doesn't just come from a book or what others have done or is ours, uniquely and wholly ours and it is a gift. Comparing ourselves to someone else's work is like comparing an apple and an orange. Each is unique and good exactly as it is. I'm so glad to have been able to make part of this journey with you - and I look forward to seeing where it takes you next!

  2. Myrna, you do get it! Yay! I love when an "artist" discovers themself! We are so hard on ourselves when what we do isn't out there like the Repasy's and Kincaids. I felt the angst myself for many years and it wasn't until I hit 40 then I realized, hey! I'm an artist no matter what. The synchronicity and serendipitous connections are working for you girl! Sometimes it takes just the right person, with the right words at the right time to say what we need to hear. I'm so glad it was Sherry who spoke her truth to you.

  3. Myrna my sweet little chick, I am sooooo squeeeeeeealin' happy for ya, honey! Why NOT you???? Hmmmmm???? Yep, you deserve it so quit being so humble and puff out your chest....uhhhh, ya know what I mean, chickadee!! LOL

  4. I am so glad you see your talent that the Lord has given to you! I am so glad you won, because you should have!! I am also glad you like my blog. My husband tells me all the time that I am artistic but I often deny it because I can't draw. But I guess art has many different forms. Hope you therapy goes well on that ankle.

  5. Don't you go blushing now Myrna...that interview was so well written and so well deserved! You are an artist... ;-) Bo

  6. Congratulations on finding yourself!! How wonderful. I know I had a hard time with the "artist" title when I used to make quilts for publications. Sometimes it is just hard to accept ourselves for our talents instead of just our downfalls. Keep believing in yourself!!! It is a wonderful attribute to have. Sally

  7. Myrna, I went there and enjoyed every bit. Yes, you are an artist.
    Barbra joan

  8. Hi Myrna, your art is BEAUTIFUL! I think I'm in the same boat as you, as far as feeling my work won't be as good as other people's. But it's very apparent that the crafting community you've found here is so supportive and encouraging. I'm looking forward to belonging to such a great group of people when I begin my creative journey!

    Congratulations on putting yourself out there, and take comfort in the knowledge that people are going to love what you do!

    Big hugs!

  9. Myrna dear....I rather doubt that when Thomas Kinkade or Christie Repasy started out.....they thought of themselve as artists either! That status to me, comes over time as one grows and develops. You have creativity oozing through your veins and brain my friend.....and I'm just so happy to watch you getting to the place of feeling comfortable in OWNING it and REVELING in the identity of an artist. Perhaps that is what it means in the Bible when it says we are "to grow up into Him". It seems that in recognizing the "designer in you, you are reflecting the Master Designer. What could make Him happier? Love, Toni

  10. Congratulations on winning the contest and finding yourself. I agree with all the comments here. I also have felt the same way about accepting the title of being an artist. Reading your interview brought home such familiar feelings. Wow..what a wonderful journey. Your work is awesome.

  11. Wow, congrat! I am really proud of you.

  12. Babe,

    I am so proud of you and the way you have come to a realization of your creativity. You are truly blessed in your ability to create and express yourself in your art. I have the great honor and pleasure to live with you and experience your art on a daily basis.

    To all you bloggers that have sent such encourageing words to Myrna I want to thank you. You have no idea how much your kind words help her to feel more confident in her art. Obviously, I think her art is wonderful and creative...but I am just her husband...thank you for supporting her and encourageing her. steve

  13. Congratulations Myrna!! Your award is well deserved. That is also such a sweet comment by your husband. How wonderful that he supports you so much. You are definitely blessed.

  14. I just came to see what everyone else is saying about Myrna's post and her thoughts and the support is wonderful. I'm smiling at Steve's comment...the whole "I'm the husband so why would she believe me" syndrome that most of us go through. Do you love my art or love my art because you love me? And I think the answer lies within that -- the truth -- that the love is there, the appreciation is there as a mixed could you do one without the other?!?

  15. I loved reading your interview Myrna!! It made me tear up a little, you're so awesome:)! I am so grateful to have you in my life!
    Love you, Amy

  16. Hello my truely amazing ARTIST friend. Myrna, everything you touch is so guided and brings pleasure to those who see it. Your home, your art, your's such a gift!!
    What a sweet husband too. You go girl...Success is for the taking and you are well on your way and have been for so long.

  17. Well Myrna, the honor of winning alone should convince you that you are an incredible artist! I went over to the article and it's beautiful. You're beautiful. =) Blessings... Polly

  18. I was so happy to read your interview! I've had similar problems calling myself an "artist" but I was encouraged by the definition you found. It was wonderful to read about your brokenness being restored, like beauty from ashes. I'm writing a book right now on that very thing, and your words confirmed to me that I'm on the right track. God bless you as you continue to share with others who he's created you to be!