Monday, December 1, 2008

Hail To December

Shout now! The months with loud acclaim, Take up the cry and send it forth; May breathing sweet her Spring perfumes, November thundering from the North. With hands upraised, as with one voice, They join their notes in grand accord; Hail to December! say they all, It gave to Earth our Christ the Lord!
J.K. Hoyt


  1. LOVED this poem/declaration about Christmas! Where did you find it? I can just picture you decorating away in your grand Christmas style! I miss your Christmas breakfasts.....those were so fun!
    Love, Toni

  2. Just stopping in to say hi...hope the sprain is healing...;-) Bo

  3. I'm so glad Christ came to earth.
    Thanks for the post and for visiting me today.

  4. Thanks for saying hi today. Hope your ankle is better. I loved the popping in....I seem to be popping all over the place. I need to get a grip!

  5. I'm so excited it's December!!! What a great poem to start it off right. ;) Thanks Myrna,


  6. I'm shouting!

    Congrats on the Mind Wide Open win :)

  7. What a beautiful quote with a gorgeous image to go with it - just stunning.

    Thank you for your MWO vote Myrna - I am so honored.