Friday, September 5, 2008

A Little Cheese With My Whine--yeah, it get's a little cheesy! ;-)

This card is from Mary Engelbreit, and the quote is from Abraham Lincoln:

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be".:

I used to have this framed and hanging on a wall in my previous house when I was really "into" the Mary Engelbreit "look"--whimsical, bright colors, etc. I still love whimsical--just toned down a bit. And I LOVE Mary Engelbreit's magazine HOME COMPANION--she always features unique and very talented decorator/artists.

So about the quote--sometimes I find it so easy to veer off course of my 'happiness lane' and wind up in the ditch of discontentment wondering how in the world did I get there.
When we got home from our fun filled weekend with our friends all I focused on was what I didn't have here--my friends like Laura, and Susan, and Toni and Anita and Sue who are my encourager's and prayer warriors. And the more I focused on it the bigger it became, till I told Steve "I think we made a mistake in moving here". Oh yeah--I let it get HUGE!!
I've been wandering around here all week sighing and feeling woe is me. Poor, pitiful me. I like to think I don't go swimming in the Pity Pool but I stick my toes in it once in a while. I think this time I even waded in up to my knees by the time I realized what I was doing! And what was I doing? Letting my mind wander where it shouldn't go...taking my eyes off the Lord and losing focus as a result.
Feeling led, I wrote a dear friend, who confirmed what I already knew, but needed reminding--I am responsible for my own happiness--and for me, my happiness comes from my relationship with Jesus. And if I don't have that dialed in--it doesn't take too long for me to come undone.
I'm responsible for how I think and what I think and, truly, if I dwell on "what is pure and lovely" life is SO much better!
So I'm outta the Pity Pool, all dried off and ready to greet this weekend with a better attitude and a heart of gratefulness for all the Lord has done for me!
Psalm 145 :18
The Lord is close to all who call on Him, yes, to all who call on Him in truth. He grants the desire of those who fear Him: He hears their cries for help and rescues them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My heart is aching a little for you. When my husband was in the military and we would move, I would often feel as you do. One big pity party of "They don't even have the same alphabet~let alone speak my language type of thing." I found that with each move it I "let go and let God" I had a magical experience. But the first 6 months were always the worst.
    Hang in there. :)

  2. What a beautiful verse Myrna!! Boy, I need that one taped to my forehead ~ It's funny that "The Secret" is really no secret at all....(((hugs to you sweet friend))) xxoo, Dawn

  3. Uuuuuuh, just pass that towel to me, sweetpea!!! Nuuuuuuu, really, I'm pretty grounded but I absolutely understand what you mean. Just pick yourself up, dust off the seat of your pants, look around the house, yard, driveway and see what you DO have and go from there. I'm big on counting my blessings and they are MANY, let me tell ya, chick!! I can't even count them all or even KNOW some of them yet. I will in my next life though. I am soooooo truly blessed!
    Smoochies and huge hugs for ya, little dollface,

  4. All of us take a dip now and then. I know with me, I get out when I'm good and ready (and just plain sick of listening to myself!). I kind of think we need to have a day or two of whining once in a while. It helps us (or at least me) to work something through; a "housecleaning" of the attitude, if you will.

    Yeah, I know...count your blessings and all. The last thing I need when I'm feeling down is for someone to scold me about being ungrateful. I always get over myself a lot faster when someone says, "Yeah, it does suck doesn't it?"

    So...Myrn--It sucks when you have to adjust to a drastic change. It's hard. You have to find a new place to fit in. It's awkward and embarrassing. Junior high all over again. Ugh.
    Just thinking about uprooting and starting over in a new place makes me panic! I'm in awe of how you've handled the whole thing. Anyway, you're entitled to whine occasionally--even wade up to your knees if you need to!

    I loved the quote from Abraham Lincoln. It's amazing that he was able to say that (and many other encouraging things) when you consider that he battled crippling depression. His wife too. On top of that, she was a "dispised Southerner" and endured constant criticism. Their life, for many many reasons, was far from idyllic. Basically, it sucked to be them. Yet, Abraham Lincoln of all people, realized that a person's attitude (in spite of circumstances) was the key to survival. If he could say that, well I guess it's worth looking into!

    Anyway, thank you for your post today. You really made me think about some things. I realized that since school started again, I've been thinking of it as a "hellish nightmare" and not as a means to accomplish something I've always wanted to do. How am I going to learn anything with a crummy attitude like that?

    I'm yammering on. Sorry! But I'll end with another quote from Abe that I like: "I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday."

    Love you Myrna--ST

  5. Myrna, I feel for you. Just moved myself in June. I am 4,000 miles from home. I miss my Church family,bible study and choir friends. The change is hard but, I believe everything has a purpose and reason. Maybe we need to grow more. I find it harder to make friends with age. The Lord will provide your needs, just let him. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

  6. Oh but this is true on so many different levels. Not just when we start over somewhere. I think that as Christians we think that if we are in God's will we will have an easy job of it. Not always true.
    God is growing you right now...


  7. I'm surprised I didn't bump into you in that pitty pool this week as I was there too! Feeling a bit lonely and sorry for myself! Oh my, we women are an emotional bunch! Thank you for your post, for ENCOURAGING ME and realizing happiness is a choice! I tell others that, but I need to be told too! To make myself feel better I spent the morning garage saling with Anita! But I know what you mean about missing friends because I miss YOU too! Toni

  8. Hi Myrna,
    It's me! I loved looking through your pics. They are so beautiful. It's been soooo long since we've seen each other--a lifetime ago. Looking through and reading your posts, I realize it's you! (That's good). I miss you and hope you are doing well. Say hi to the family for me.