Monday, December 12, 2011

The Sitting Room by Firelight

So, I thought I'd show you the Christmas decor in the sitting room by firelight, but it didn't turn out quite like I'd imagined.

I don't know whether to blame it on the camera or the photographer...(although I am almost positive it's the lack of my skills behind the camera.)

I haven't been feeling well and therefore unmotivated to shoot these pics all over again after I found how they'd turn out once I got them uploaded.

But, hopefully, you can see past the grainy, hazy pictures and see what I was trying to convey..

..quiet Christmas beauty, using mostly things I have out year around and embellished with Christmasy accouterments.

I will probably take more again in the daylight..along with pics of the rest of the house..see ya soon!
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There's more, much more, to Christmas Than candlelight and cheer; It's the spirit of sweet friendship That brightens all year. It's thoughtfulness and kindness, It's hope reborn again, For peace, for understanding, And for goodwill to men!


  1. beautiful room and decor, thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful! Love the romantic lighting :)

    xo Lynda

  3. Your sitting roon is gorgeous and elegant! I love the lighting you used, it displays it even better. Merry Christmas. FABBY

  4. I would love to come and sit in your beautiful sitting room.

  5. You conveyed the spirit the carolers...well, love it all, but those carolers really stand out to me!!

  6. Myrna, the room looks delightful to me! Hope you are feeling better and will enjoy the holidays!

  7. Just truly BEAUTIFUL my dear do have the magic touch..Many Blessings my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. Oh how I would enjoy sitting their looking at the sights! the room is gorgeous

  9. Your room is beautiful! Happy New Year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  10. Love, Love Love the gorgeous room. I see you also have the flameless tapers. I loved mine. So glad flameless came out on the market. Happy New Year. Blessings