Friday, June 10, 2011

Touring Toni's House

I thought you might like a little tour of Toni's warm and lovely home..

She made this mosaic coffee table out of old broken china..beautiful!

Darling vignettes are everywhere..

A peak inside the cabinet..

The mantle arranged for spring.

I love her collection of heirlooms.

Ahhhh~my retreat. The guestroom.

Fresh roses from her garden greeted me.

A close up of the shelf above the desk.

The Master Bedroom, so beautiful and serene!

All her touches are little works of art!

She also made the necklace holder~another mosaic. Beautiful!

A close up of her vintage perfume bottle collection.

And her vintage jewelry collection.
'Twas so lovely to visit and catch up. Toni is a joy and delight to me..and a WONDERFUL friend!
Hope you liked the little tour!! ;-)

                          "Blessed is the influence of one true,loving   human soul on another"                                        {George Eliot}


  1. Hello there, thanks for the tour of Toni's home.
    Everything is just soooo beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much for the tour!! So many great ideas!! LOVE that mosaic coffee table. It is a true work of art!!


  3. Loved the tour. What a beautiful home. Wish you would have shown more!

  4. Very romantic house. Loved the bedroom! Thanks for sharing it. Hugs. FABBY

  5. What a beautiful warm and welcoming home.

  6. How pretty -- so organized----something for me to aspire to!

  7. Hi Myrna,
    Toni's home is so lovely! It feels like a tranquil paradise...inviting and cozy. I love the mosaic coffee table. I have a friend who does a lot of mosaic pieces so I know how much time and effort went into creating such a beautiful piece!
    My favorite vignette is the one on the gorgeous sideboard. I love the stacked books. This tour inspires me to walk trough my house and add some additional touches like the ones Toni has throughout her home.
    Guest room and Master BR are beautiful...I can see why you enjoy staying there...just beautiful! Love the vintage perfume bottle collection on the olden tray...I could just look at those all day!
    Thanks for such a wonderful tour. Toni's home is just as beautiful as she is, so no surprise that I love it! :)