Friday, April 16, 2010

Touring a new friend's home..BEAUTIFUL!!

Recently I was invited over to a new friend's home. We had met at church and really hit it off. Sue B. is an interior decorator and, oh my! does she display her talent throughout her home!!

This is the view when you walk in the front door.

Love how she created the vignettes!!
To the right is the living room..and formal dining..

Then the kitchen and family room..

I just love all the colors she used..very English Cottage!!

down the hall to the guest room..

..all in black and white toile!!

Love that scoll work above the bed!!

So cozy!!

Here is the Master Bath...I missed taking pictures of the Master Bedroom tho! :-(

I love the display on the counter!

Their house is built on the side of a hill and they dug out a space under the house and built a home theater!

This is what greets you at the bottom of the stairs before entering the theater..Sue doesn't miss a decorating thing!! :-)

Ta Da! It's very impressive in real life! The french doors lead out to the backyard.

'nother cute detail!

 Their grandchildren are in high school and love bringing their friends here. Are they the coolest grandparents, or what?? :-D

At the end of the "tour" she had a beautiful little snack for us to nosh on whilst we chatted.
So fun!! Sue is as warm and gracious as her home is!


  1. What a beautiful tastefully done. I love the colors too! I loved the little area where you sat to cozy. See you soon. Toni

  2. Myrna, that home is adorable. Just adorable, sugar. I hope my great grandkids like to come visit us when they get to be teenagers.

  3. Gorgeous....I love that black and white bedroom!!

  4. Lovely home and the photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. sandi

  5. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing, amazing home.

  6. Wow! What a beautiful home your friend has! Lovely colors, beautiful decor, bet that was a fun tour!
    Nancy {Tiffany's Mother}

  7. Wow!! How wonderful her home is. I like the way she mixes old and new. I am glad you shared the photos. Hey,howabout That bath!!!
    Love it!

  8. LOVE this house Myrna!

    Wow girl, you have a beautiful blog and we share some of the wonderful friends here in blogland, I'm so happy to have found you!!!

    I've enjoyed my visit here tremendously :)))

    Have a wonderful weekend~

    ps...I hope I can be a cool grandmother just like Sue ;)